Paintless Dent Repair Pulling Kit Hail Removal


1. Match hammer with the glue puller tabs to remove Paintless dent.
2. Fast heat conduction and stable performance
3. Slide hammer is more powerful for paintless dent repairing, conquer big dent.

Usage Method

1. Clean the dents with a clean, damp cloth;

2. Install the hot-melt glue bar from the back of the hot-melt glue spear, pull the trigger, let the glue bar enter the glue spear, plug in the power supply, and let the glue spear preheat for 5 minutes;

3. Find a suitable traction gasket (a large traction gasket is needed for a large dent; (Note: the larger the traction gasket, the greater the traction force);

4. Pull the trigger of glue spear, and apply the extruded glue to the selected traction gasket (the 4 holes of gasket shall also be coated with hot melt glue

5. Quickly place the traction gasket coated with hot-melt adhesive in the center of the dent, press it gently until the hot-melt adhesive solidifies and sticks firmly; (let the hot-melt adhesive dry for about 8 minutes; we suggest that the hot-melt adhesive should not dry for more than 10 minutes.)

6. Align the hole in the middle of the traction tension axle with the fixed traction spacer bar, sleeve the screw rotation knob on the traction spacer bar, and slowly tighten it until the dent part is pulled to be flush with the surrounding surface

7. Some dents may need to be repaired by repeating the above steps several times.

8. If the repaired surface bulges a little, please follow the steps below: first, rub the convex starting point back and forth with the thumb until the convex starting point is as flat as other surfaces; if the convex starting point cannot be restored to flat with the thumb, gently click the convex starting point with the percussion bar (the gesture of holding the pen) until the convex starting point is restored to flat. Sometimes, it may need to be repeated several times. (Note: when using the percussion bar, do not use too much force.)


9. After the dent is repaired, screw down the screw rotating button, take down the traction tension bridge, and then take down the traction gasket. If there is hot melt adhesive stuck on the surface of the car body, let your hand gently tear it off.

Dent Repair Pulling Kit Hail Removal

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