Dashcam 120 Degree Portable HD DVR With LCD Screen



HD 1080P video recording.

140 degree ultra-wide-angle camera

Thanks to its state of the art sensor, it is capable of recording everything that happens in front of your vehicle in crisp Full-HD resolution.

you’ll be able to instantly watch back previous recordings.

This allows you to settle minor road incidents instantly at the side of the street.

This car black box provides great evidence in the case of a roadside incident.

It will guarantee that you’ll never be bothered by false insurance claims again.

This car accessory features a G-sensor that will recognize the moment of impact during a potential accident.
During such event, your car DVR will automatically record and save all footage to make sure not a single piece of evidence gets lost.
If you are looking for a great car accessory to increase your safety on the go, this dash cam is perfect for you.
DashCam 120 Degree Portable HD DVR With LCD Screen

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