1:16 4WD Alloy Body Rock Crawler


Exquisite structure design: the remote-controlled car is a perfect combination of alloy cross-country vehicle body, shockproof independent suspension system, powerful electric motor and heavy-duty antiskid tyre, which brings you the superexcellent driving experience and endless pleasure. ★Excellent driving performance: it is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly and nontoxic ABS material and specially designed for multi-terrain racing. The car is equipped with 4-wheel drive. The front and rear double motors can provide strong power torque. It possesses powerful cross-country climbing ability and can drive on sand, rock, muddy ground, grassland, concrete and other pavements. ★High-capacity rechargeable battery: it has larger rechargeable 4.8V 2000mAh automobile battery and charging protection. The charging time is 2 hours and the battery can be used for about 20 minutes. Note: when charging, don’t use a USB charger or mobile power supply with the output voltage of more than 5v. ★Suspension shock absorber: each wheel is equipped with shockproof and stable springs, which can bring impressive damping effect and ensure more stable driving. ★Flexible controller antenna: 2.4GHZ RC transmitter supports the control range of about 50 m. In order to improve the controllability of the controller, the controller is equipped with a long antenna. The antenna is flexible and not easily broken. The controller can realize forward/backward/left/right movement.


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